additive manufacturing

RAMEM has extensive experience in metal Additive Manufacturing (AM). AM permits the production of highly complex parts through the addition and sintering of material. A laser source allows a 3D image to be obtained of the defined geometry using very thin layers of material in powder form.

RAMEM has used this technology in the manufacture of its more complex parts. RAMEM offers its customers this new technology, highly suitable for short runs and initial prototypes, as well as the industrial production of parts with sophisticated requirements, including topological optimisation.

The limitations of this technology makes post-processing necessary in order to obtain the specifications required in relation to dimensional and geometric tolerances, roughness, threads and interfaces. RAMEM has extensive experience in the post-processing of parts manufactured using AM and uses automated and semi-automated processes for deburring, polishing and surface hardening, which include abrasive, thermal, chemical, electrochemical and magnetic techniques, each selected according to the part and the requirements of the customer.

High pressure chambers for H2 in Inconel
Classification zone for nanoparticles
Effect of one of the finishing processes available at RAMEM

RAMEM is able to work together with the customer for the optimisation and adaptation of the design to AM technology

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