The capability of RAMEM in Design Engineering complements the Manufacturing Engineering, therefore our customers can avoid intermediaries and work on their projects with a single point of contact, reducing both risks and costs.

We use most modern software  as well as several CAD-CAE-CAM tools. The work teams are specialised in all stages of the process: conceptual design, 3D design, detail drawings, material lists, etc., all optimised for efficient manufacturing. The engineering department’s experience in manufacturing ensures that the designs can be manufactured, thus optimising development costs.

In addition to the documentation related to the design, drawings and analysis documents, RAMEM specialises in ILS, generating user and maintenance manuals, technical publications according to ASD1000D and IPL illustrations according to ASD2000M.

Structural calculation of MLGD "Main Landing Gear Doors” sling hoist
3D Model for the kinematic analysis of the Eurofighter fuel tank loading car
Design of Primary Slits for linear accelerator CMAM-UAM
Finite Element Analysis - HTP "Horizontal Tail Plane” sling hoist

We have the most advanced techniques for the design of mechanical and electromechanical equipment