Inspection and tests

With the aim of guaranteeing the quality of all the jobs performed, RAMEM carries out an exhaustive control of them all, providing inspection certificates for all jobs undertaken.

We have a verification laboratory with a controlled temperature and humidity environment and we calibrate all our verification equipment according to international patterns with guaranteed traceability: coordinate measuring machines, 3D arm, durometers, electronic profile projector, perthometer, thread gauge, microscales, oscilloscopes, nano-ammeter, particle counter, etc.

RAMEM also has a testing department with qualified capabilities for:

  • Mechanical trials for load testing
  • Non-destructive liquid penetrant inspection trials and visual inspection
  • Electric trials
  • Fluid tests
  • Pressure, vacuum, temperature, humidity and flow rate test
  • Particle analysis

We also have agreements with research centres and certified laboratories (UPM, CENIM, IFA, CEMAM, LORTEK, etc.).

As a specific activity, RAMEM is the approved and authorised centre in Spain for the maintenance and calibration of hoists for aeronautic use (civil and military) for the manufacturer Didsbury Engineering.

Dimensional inspection
Liquid penetrant inspection
Laser scanning
Load test

We calibrate all our verification equipment with guaranteed traceability