RAMEM offers its approved mechano-welding capabilities for the manufacture of structural and thin plate assemblies in accordance with the specifications indicated by the customer (slings, mounts, transport carts, metalwork, etc.).

We perform TIG, MIG/MAG and LASER welding on carbon and stainless steels, duraluminium and special alloys (e.g. Jethete).

Our procedures, welding personnel and inspectors are all approved by CESOL (Spanish Association of Welding and Joining Technologies), LORTEK-IK4 and SOLySOL.

For each welded structure or manufactured part, a technical data sheet is created and submitted to a control process, with the subsequent issuance of inspection certificates and certificates of conformity. We have the installations and the resources to allow us to undertake projects of great responsibility, such as flight parts for aeronautical turbines.

Instrumentation bracket on flight sensor
Support for segments of the M1 primary mirror of the GRANTECAN (Canary Islands Large Telescope)
Exhaust cone on AISI 347 for MTR 390 engine tests (ITP)
Laser welded plate engine sensor (rake) for Rolls-Royce engines (ITP)

Welding – Testing – Certification