RAMEM can play a part in increasing the Technology Readiness Level of your developments, thereby bringing your product closer to the market launch phase. Starting with technologies that have demonstrated their performance under laboratory conditions, we contribute to the development of an industrial prototype ready for commercialisation.

We provide a complete set of services according to the needs of each technology: from the design, calculations, engineering, mechanical and electronic developments, up to the final testing. Some of our prototype developments have been for extremely important customers such as: ESRF, RAL, ALBA, GRATECAN, E-ELT, INTA, CEHIPAR, CSIC, CIEMAT, etc.

RAMEM is a member of consortiums within the H2020 programme, where it is responsible for developing the technology demonstrator.

Equipment for the analysis of nanoparticles (IONER HRIMS)
Magnetic calibration bench for the ALBA synchotroaan
Support assembly for segments of the primary large mirror of the GRANTECANa
Multi-positioning hexapod

We will help you launch your product onto the market